Untitled Story

September 9, 2006

Welcome to my first blog.  In the comming weeks i intend to post episodes of my as yet untitled fantasy adventure story i began writing back in 1988.

It’s set on a distant world with two main continents separated by a small ocean around the equator.  The northern hemisphere is ruled by a cruel power craved dictator to whom justice is an alien concept. 

By contrast the southern hemisphere enjoys the harmony and peace afforded when the social and political realms of society are based on the text of the Holy Book and the teachings of the final messenger of God.

As you can guess, this is a story revolving around on the one hand a civilisation that submits whole heartedly to the one true deity and on the other an oppressor who denies any such authority and kills any attempt by his subjects to live in accordance to such an enlightened concept.

Here is a link to another site.